Audience Profile

Hey! I am Lola and I am the kind of person who are the target audience of Lipgloss Productions! I’m aged from 16-25. I love Dance music and watch channels such as MTV Dance, Smash Hits and Kiss TV. I tend to go in shops such as HMV for music and Topshop for clothes, as this is were young people my age tend to shop. My favourite TV programmes are ones that are broadcasted on channels such as E4, like ‘Skins’ or ‘Shameless’, or channels such as MTV, such as ‘Pimp My Ride’.  In my spare time I vary my activities from clubbing, to spending time with friends, to the cinema.


So how will we target Lola? We have an understanding of our target audience’s interests and their age group which will help us target them before release of the video so that when it is broadcasted we already hae a considerable amount of interest. For instance, we are aware the channels they watch, for instance MTV Dance, that could hype up and attract attention to the release and radio’s popular with the audience, for example Kiss FM, to have exclusive first plays of the track and announce the videos release date. Also considering the age range of our target audience it is likely that the majority of them are still in full-time education and use public transport therefore to increase awareness of our video we would advertise on buses, at bus stops and at train stations.




October 31, 2010. Emma Polden, Natasha Walters, Sabina White, Shanice Chapman.

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